Mobile Bulletproof Walls

No one is bulletproof and so are your guests, VIPs and High-level officials. Open spaces and unsecure areas are best to protect by mobile ballistic wall elements. Set up a tunnel with an enclosed drive through to provide a safe area to let your passenger get off the car in front of the house, hotel or even private places.

9K Mobile Ballistic Walls and Corridors

9KBallistics bulletproof walls are the professional protection for VIPs, politicians, high-ranking delegations on their way in unprotected public space.

9K Ballistic Walls

The 9K Ballistic Wall modules let you create quickly protected areas, which can be adapted to the local conditions. For example, protect entry areas, seating groups, places in restaurants, or strengthen your back to ward off attacks. Mobile walls are also ideal for window fronts to make look and bulletproof. The 9K glass walls let your audience enjoy the view out of the windows and be safe at the same time.

Corridors and Gangways

The 9K Ballistic Wall corridor and gangway modules provide security when entering buildings. Walking through the 9K corridor the attendees are protected from getting out of the vehicles to the entrance. An additional wall parallel to the vehicle in front of the entrance to the corridor prevents attacks from the front.

The 9K gangways are  available in variuos protection classes up to FB 7 and more on request. The 9K corridors offer a ballistic ceiling as well to protect your audience from possible high sniper positions.

connect buildings with a tunnel that is protected all the way through, not visible and protected from high protection levels.

9K Wall Dekoration

  • Shockproof
  • Discreet
  • Decorative

All 9K Ballistic Walls are to be concealed with different decorations inconspicuously and fitting to the interior. The outdoor walls can be covered with printed graphics in the entrance area and are thus inconspicuous and additionally a large graphically designed surfaces or advertising spaces.

Mobile ballistic Glasswalls

9K Ballistic Clear Walls provide the security necessary in buildings with large glass facade to protect against armed sniper attacks. The armored glass panels offer a rapid adaptation to the requirements thanks to their modular design. Glass walls protect speakers on stages or podiums. The glass clear walls do not hinder the perfect sight on the speaker for audience, media or TV. Create easily a secure area on platforms or areas on which potential targets need to move freely and need to interact with the public.