9K ballistics bulletproof mobile walls and panic rooms


Ballistic Wallmodules

The likelihood of a terrorist or amok attack is increasing due to current developments in world politics. Many of these attacks are carried out with the use of firearms and utmost selfless brutality. An attack is rarely foreseeable. Effective protection can primarily be provided by passive protection arrangements. Using the 9K mobile and stationary wall modules an efficient barrier can be erected towards direction of possible attack.

The 9k ballistics rental service rents out walls for events. Rent ballistic protection walls and panic rooms from 9kballistics.


STOP Truck Terror

Everything should be done to enure public safety at events in open public spaces. A truck can be hijacked easily anywhere to commit a terror attack. The mobile 9K Truck Barrier prevents assassins to rush into a crowd of people. Distribute the truck stops, discreetly masked as public furniture on the area and make it hard to cross the area in a straight line at high speed.


Modular Panic Rooms

The 9K module system for temporary and permanently installed panic  rooms can be installed in  public and private environment. Temporary panic rooms are suitable, for example, to protect vulnerable persons in hotels or to provide a place to hide at conferences or summits at the backstage area. With the 9K module system, the Panic Rooms are deployed quickly. All you need is a free space and enough payload for the floor construction.

With the 9k ballistics rental service, you can also rent Panic shelters for events or for use in hotels with high-ranking guests or VIPs. Rent ballistic protection walls and panic rooms from 9kballistics.


Ballistic Furniture

Furniture is almost ubiquitous. On the one hand, you could provide protection, but on the other hand they also have potential hazards due to their function. Take a seat group as an example. The persons sitting on it are an easy target because you are in a fixed position. Equally vulnerable are speakers, judges or cashiers.
The 9K ballistic furniture provide on the one hand obstruction as well as cover in the case of an armed incident.

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