Quick Deployable Truck Stoppers for Events and Open Areas

Visitors must also be protected from attacks by vehicles during events. Too many dead and injured are the innocent victims and their fate could be better prevented with appropriate barriers and protection mechanisms. The 9K protection islands create areas behind which persons can hide themselves or the assassin can be stopped.

9K Mobile Barriers and Truck Stopper

Events and public places have to be safe again. 9K ballistics secures visitors with mobile truck blockers and shooting-safe islands in thecase of an armed attack.

A truck is highly available and easy to use. Every perpetrator has the possibility to quickly use a vehicle, car or truck for an assassination attempt or an amok ride as a lethal weapon.

9K Ballistische Islands

9K ballistic islands have been developed for use in events on public places and in easily accessible private places. In the event of an assassination visistors can easily hide in the islands to be protected from firearm attacks. With optional bumper protection and heavy load barriers, the visitors are also better protected against heavy trucks.

9K Ballistic islands are available as discreet modules which can easily be integrated into the decoration of the event. The islands can be used by the visitors as resting areas, info, gastronomy, ..

In addition, the islands are equipped with modern communication systems and monitoring modules. It is possible to contact the police directly from the island, while at the same time the police can get a visual overview of the situation of the incident. Valuable direct communication with those affected helps the police staff to assess the situation and make use of the advantages of fast communication via PTT.

9K Truck Blocker

The 9K Truck Blocker creates blockades that are placed strategically on open spaces in the public area to prevent the passage of trucks and motor vehicles. The maximum speed is thus reduced and the visitors are given more time to get more easily in safety.

The 9K Barriers can be used as advertising spaces, info counters or points and thus also decently in use. The barriers are also equipped with monitoring and communication systems. Associated barriers can be equipped with active protective measures such as turnpike or nail barriers.

9K for Safety

9K for Passive Protection

9K for Escape Route

9K for Prevention