Ballistic Furniture - Protection in Public Areas


Protection for Motionless Targets

Designed Discreetly

Hide and Protect

Furniture for Public Events

Especially on stages and podiums, at congresses, in restaurants or at gala diners persons are exposed to increased danger. The 9K ballistic furniture offers the protection you need to protect eg the speaker behind the speakers desk or armoured sofas. These furniture are protection in the first instance in  a direct attack, but also an obstacle behind which one can entrench himself and give more time for further actions to remove the target person from the  area of risk.

We design any ballistic furniture meeting your individual requirements upon request.

Furniture for Public Spaces, Leisure and Transport

The latest assassinations in Europe were aimed at public areas such as shopping centers, public transport such as airports. The development of 9K armoured ballistic furniture are specifically designed for use in public areas. The bullet-proof counters can be used for banks as well as for cash desks in shops. In the event of an emergency, employees and customers can get behind them.

The 9K resting islands are placed on open areas in shopping centers or airports, …. These provide seating and electricity for the traveler with laptop, in case of emergency the ballistic walls provide protection from direct and indirect firearm attack or bomb blasts. The strategically placed units can thus create obstacles for projectiles on open areas and catch them. Public ballistic furniture is discreet and can be used as advertising space and thus also contribute to refinancing.

Ballistic upgrade for Furniture

Existing furniture can be upgraded with the 9K retrofit sets to ballistic furniture. Improve the protection for your visitors and offer added value for vulnerable persons.

Equip counters, cassettes, consoles or lounge furniture with ballistic protection.
Depending on the protection level class, these can be adapted to the furniture.
Contact us for details.