The Safe for your Life

Nothing is really safe anymore. The very private retreat of the own four walls is severely disturbed by the intrusion of enemies. Make your home safer with a place of refuge in case of emergency.

9K Panic Room - shelters for home and public spaces

9K Panic Rooms quality protection spaces from Austria.

Why Invest in a Panic Room?

An attack or burglary can hit anyone. Even in your own four walls you can not be totally safe anymore. An alarm system can warn you and tear you out of your sleep at night. An escape route into the open is usually no longer possible because blocked by unscrupulous criminals . You stay unprotected in your own home.

Where to go in an emergency? The bathroom or the basement may not be reached anymore due to the distance or intruders. Apart from this, your normal bedroom door is cardboard and will be opened with a slap.

Now the 9K Panic Rooms come into play. A safe place to hide and be safe. With installed communication devices, you are also able to call for help. The walls of the Panic Room are not only fire resistant, but also against other kinds of violent opening attempts and firearms. The door can only be opened from the outside by authorized persons. So you are safe in case of an attack.


What does the 9K Panic Room offer?

The 9K Panic Room features

  • Proof wall construction in various decision classes.
  • Lockable door
  • Communication devices
  • Installation of video surveillance
  • Tailor-made production
  • Modular system for self-construction

The 9K Panic Rooms are made of high quality and are available for fixed installation or free-standing construction. The free standing Panic Rooms are particularly suitable for temporary positioning in hotels, conferences or events.

Where can you setup a 9K Panic Room?

The 9K Modular Panic Room System can be retrofitted in any home. The size depends on the available space and the need for the number of people in an emergency. The room can also be used as a walk-in closet or for storing valuables. A secure door and walls provide the necessary stability.

Customized or the 9K modular system for self-construction

Buy the 9K Panic Rooms custom-made for your onsite conditions or the 9K modular system for self-assembly. Be aware that high payload capacity of the building construction is obligatory.

How do you assemble the 9K Panic Room System?

9K Ballistic Modular Panic shelters are a flexible system construction that can be assembled with standard tools. The walls of the shelter come in finished modules that are screwed together. The floor frame is anchored with impact anchors. The walls of the shelter reach up to the ceiling and are fixed there as well. The room can be freestanding or built in a corner.

The external and internal walls can be clad with dry slabs and can be integrated into the room unobtrusively.